Optical Biosensor


A leading instrument manufacturer had a concept for a new osmometry instrument for medical diagnosis. The system was to determine the freezing point of minute bio-samples via optical scattering. The client’s expertise was in chemistry, thermal control, and measurement. They sought BD&E’s expertise to augment their in-house capabilities to develop the electro-optical components of the system.


Several design ideas were developed and a trade-off was done with the client to select the most promising solution, balancing manufacturing costs, ease-of-use, and measurement sensitivity. BD&E provided detailed electro-optic design and fabricated a prototype bench-top test apparatus including lenses, laser diodes, optical detectors, detection circuitry, lock-in amplifier, and CCD imager. BD&E provided assistance throughout the development process with analysis, recommendations, and refinements. Finally, BD&E handed off the parts lists, drawings, and recommended suppliers as the instrument was moved from the prototype stage into production.