Thermal Reference For Fever Detection

TR-1 Body Temp

Single Fixed Temperature: 98.6°F

  • Body Temperature Infrared Reference
  • For Calibration of Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers and Infrared Thermal Cameras
  • Fool-Proof Fixed Temperature
  • Achieves Set-point in Less Than 5 Minutes

TR-2 Dual Panel

Two Fixed Temperatures: 98.6°F & 100.4°F

TR-2 Dual PanelPanel is tuned to match the infrared emission of healthy individuals.

Calibration standard for stand-off thermometers, pyrometers, single-point detectors and infrared imagers.

Dual panel used in the view of an infrared camera, can quickly and accurately compare Healthy and Fevered temperatures, for GO/NOGO results.

Download the Datasheet:

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FEVER ScanIR™ Camera

When used with the TR-2 Dual Panel, this unique approach of color thresholding makes screening fast and easy with no guesswork. Individuals can be screened in less than five seconds.

Download the Datasheet:

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TR-1 Body Temp

Product Datasheet available for download:

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